A Pair of Iggys

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Guest Post by Tee LaFrance Todd

Even though the name Iggy sounds like it belongs on a character from Fraggle Rock, it has been adopted by two mega musicians, who have used the moniker masterfully to highlight their on stage characters.


Iggy Pop: With a long career of crazy antics on stage, performing shirtless, song-writing, singing, and acting under his belt, Iggy Pop just released a new album, Post Pop Depression. Inspired by The Doors, Iggy helped his most popular band, The Stooges, make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Whether or not you see him as the ‘Godfather of Punk,’ you cannot deny his longevity.  


Iggy Azalea: An Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, has been the subject of much controversy since the beginning of her musical career a few years ago. We shall see if there’s any redemption for this ‘Fancy’ female, or if her staying power falls much shorter than her namesake’s.



Iggy most likely came from the longer Ignatius, or Ignacio, to the Italians. Iggy has an endearing quality to it, and definitely softens the full form, although neither of our stage stars took the name from its original version.


Iggy Pop belonged to a blues band when he was in high school, where he played the drums. The name of the band? The Iguanas. Born James Osterberg, he was granted the nickname Iggy in his teen years due to his association with the band.

Iggy Azalea was born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, which is a unique name in its own right, but she chose her stage name because she had a dog named Iggy. Azalea was the name of the street she grew up on. It looks like those intriguing little time killers that grant you funny names are good for something after all….but wait, isn’t that how most people get their porn name?


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  • Funny, I’m not sure if I’very heard any of their music. But I have heard of them. And I lol’ed about the comment on Iggy Azalea’s last name and stripper names.

  • Although I’ve heard of Iggy Pop in passing, I don’t think I’ve heard their music; not the styles I enjoy. Still, interesting how they both have similar names–I’d think that was something to avoid in any industry, but it looks like they’ve both made the name their own! Good for them. I like how their stage names came to be, too… And your last comment about the funny name timekillers made me chuckle!

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