How “American Psycho” Works as a Musical

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Murder. Gore. Obsession. Insanity.

If we’re talking about the plot of a musical, a few ideas come to mind: Sweeney Todd, Carrie the Musical, Jekyll & Hyde, even Phantom of the Opera.  Theater patrons have long accepted the dark and the macabre onto the Broadway state, and now, they’ve welcomed a new tale of lust and depravity in American Psycho.

While admittedly hard to believe at first, the new Broadway production of American Psycho: The Musical does a great job of depicting the excess of the 80’s, showing off Duncan Sheik’s one-of-a-kind electronic score, and unapologetically embracing the show’s content to create a truly groundbreaking theatrical experience.

Theatre blog Everyday Broadway recently reviewed the startling, hip new offering from Duncan Sheik (Spring Awakening) and Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa.  Based on the controversial 90’s novel by Bret Easton Ellis and a polarizing film, Psycho is a puzzling question mark amidst a season of solid offerings.

However controversial Psycho’s legacy is, it works onstage…according to Everyday Broadway:

When you see American Psycho at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre this spring, you will probably have to go back. You’ll have certain stage pictures stuck in your head. You’ll want to figure out why certain choices were made. You’ll want to pinpoint something that initially seems so strange and so unconventional actually seems to… work… on Broadway.

If you want to learn why American Psycho works on Broadway, head over to Everyday Broadway for their Top 5 Reasons.

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