Celebrate Erie Mummies

Here Come the Mummies arriving in Erie on Thursday

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EVERYONE: stop what you’re doing and launch the Calendar app on your phone.  Block out 6 PM-10 PM on August 18th. Did you do it?  Great!  Now, let me tell you what you’re doing on Thursday night.

Celebrate Erie kicks off this Thursday, featuring food, music, entertainment, and much, much more:

Downtown Erie will come alive, once again, August 18-21, 2016! CelebrateErie is a four-day summer street festival held in downtown Erie. The event features free access to local art museums, displays and demonstrations from local artists, street vendors, and entertainment and activities designed to encourage the arts. It also includes musical performances from a wide variety of local and nationally renowned artists across the multiple genres. The event is divided into multiple “zones” or areas to include: Celebrate Diversity, Kids Zone, Kids Construction Zone, Chalk Walk, Taste of Erie, Artist Colony and more. (Celebrate Erie)

Yes, the food will be epic (featuring vendors like Three B Saloon, Brew Brothers, & The Brewerie at Union Station).  Yes, the streets will be mobbed.  But, DON’T avoid the crowds on Thursday evening when Here Come the Mummies will once against resurrect in downtown Erie.

Believe me when I say:  The Mummies are one of the best bands I have ever heard, live or blasting from my Macbook speakers.  They are a hip blend of funk and jazz, featuring players who perform entirely costumed as mummies.  You won’t hear them speaking, on or offstage:  they stay in character the entire time.   You’ll be impressed with their sound, you’ll laugh at their gags, but you’ll also be surprised with their choreography and tightness.

I first saw The Mummies back in 2014 when they appeared at Eight Great Tuesdays.  I was introduced to them prior to that night by my fiancé, who played old clips of Bob & Tom for me.  It’s true:  in interviews, they mostly grunt or moan, save for one member (since retired Java) who was their collective voice in interviews.  But when they’re onstage…they’re anything but quiet.

Guitars, basses, trumpets, saxophones, drum kits, synthesizers and even cowbells can be found in their ensemble.  You know what you won’t find?  Any traces of wrong notes.  These guys are insanely talented, and for good reason:  rumors suggest many members are Grammy award-winning artists under contract, hence the need for identity discretion.

A mild warning for those parents about to drag little Timmy and Tabitha to the streets on Thursday:  The Mummies are incredibly intelligent writers, reveling in tongue-in-cheek songs.  Some of the content (okay, okay…MOST of their content) is not appropriate for young ears (i.e. One of their songs is called “Innuendo.”  It’s packed full of innuendos.  Need I say more?).  While not outright dirty, their lyrics could raise some eyebrows.

I would love to play their songs for my 5th grade classroom, but I think only one would pass the “Is-This-Going-To-Get-Me-Fired?” Test.  It’s a shame, too.  There’s much to teach from a Mummies’ performance.  If only those rascals would release an album targeted at the middle school crowd…

If you miss this performance (soon to be my 4th viewing of a Mummies’ spectacular), you will regret it.  Need more convincing?  Check out their webpage or YouTube channel.  Or, heck..if you’re in the Erie area, you can borrow my DVD of their concert, Rejuvannihilation.

How convinced am I that you’ll love The Mummies?  If you attend the concert based off my recommendation, I will personally write you an apology letter.  And I mean hand-write you an apology letter.  Good, ol’ fashioned groveling.  THAT’S how serious I am about The Mummies.  And you will be, too, once you see them Thursday night.

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