Chewbacca Mom Disneyworld

TGIF: Chewbacca Mom visits Disneyworld

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Internet sensation Candace Payne finally gets to meet Chewbacca at Hollywood Studios

What the world needs now is more Chewbacca Mom.  Ever since Candace Payne shot a video of herself trying on a Kohl’s Chewbacca mask, she has been catapulted to the status of Internet superstar by pretty much the entire world and all of the surrounding planets.  Her original video gathered over 153 million views on Facebook alone.

The video above shows Payne visiting Disneyworld’s Hollywood Studios, the new home of all things Star Wars and certainly all things Chewbacca.

The best part of the video?  Candace telling Chewbacca “You’re beautiful. I love you.”

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Now, Payne is being ushered all over the country to spread her message.

To read more about Candace’s journey, please visit The Washington Post.