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Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda & Stephen Colbert in “Button! An American Musical”

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Colbert & Miranda perform Hamilton inspired mock musical “Button!”

Colbert Miranda Button

Colbert Miranda Button

How did I not find this gem until now? Funnyman Stephen Colbert  hosted the creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, on The Late Show back in December, and the two joined together to produce Button! An American Musical.

Button! (an obvious parody of Hamilton) tells the story of Button Gwinnett, a forgotten lawmaker who signed the Declaration of Independence…then promptly did nothing else with his life.

The rat-a-tête saw Colbert as Gwinnett, wig and all, go head-to-head with Miranda as John Adams over whether or not Button was important enough to remember.

Sample lines included, “You claim you’re a founder/You look like a lost-er.”  (People)

Here’s my question:  when does Lin-Manuel find the time to write all of these parodies?  He regularly performs at #Ham4Ham, the daily lottery for Hamilton, and probably creates a good deal of the material. That man is non-stop!