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Episode 25: Summer Movie Rankings with Chris Bucci

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The summer movie season has come to a close. The question is: was it a GOOD season for film?

In Episode 25, Kate and Patrick take a look back at the top films from May to August with fellow movie aficionado/Pinball Wizard Chris Bucci. Our trio ranks their collection of movies from worst to best, starting with the late summer release of “Don’t Breathe,” and ending with “Captain America: Civil War.”

Where did “Ghostbusters” fall in the rankings? Did “The Secret Life of Pets” topple “Finding Dory?” How did “Suicide Squad” fare against movie titans like “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Star Trek: Beyond?” Listen in to our thorough report to find out!

BONUS: To learn more about Chris, please visit his YouTube Channel or his Facebook fan page!