Episodes 16-20

Episode 16: Ray Flynt

Episode 17: Shoptalk with Jessica Flock, Alaina Manchester & Zach Flock of Dramashop

Episode 18: Ghostbusters Review

Episode 19: Universal Studios Update with Vinny Gerace

Episode 19 brings us our very first telephone interview with Vinny Gerace, long time friend and “Universal Studios Rainman.” Vinny gives us an update on Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, highlighting the renovations to the Hulk coaster, the disappearances of Disaster! and Twister, and the addition of Skull Island: Reign of Kong.

If you’ve never been to Universal Studios Orlando before, be prepared for a thorough introduction into a fantastical place which houses the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Seuss Landing, Marvel Superheroes, and much, much more.  We’ll talk about our past experiences at both parks and speculate on rumors swirling around Nintendoland and Harry Potter expansions. 

Plus, you’ll get a really great story about the Canadian National Anthem and Doctor Doom.

Episode 20: Star Trek: Beyond Review