Extreme Writer’s Block

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How would you define “writer’s block?  

I'm not dead yet.
I’m not dead yet.

Our friends over at Cyanide and Happiness provide us with an apt look into the plague that is writer’s block….a plague that has been…um…plague-ing me for the past year.

I started this blog in 2012 with the hopes that it would evolve into a creative outlet for me:  a place where I could make people laugh and celebrate the fact that just about everything in life can be reduced to laughter.  However, I seemed to forget that the number one rule of blogging:  you actually have to write blog posts to make it work.

I figured posts were like Chia Pets:  add water and watch them grow!
I figured posts were like Chia Pets: add water and watch them grow!

In all seriousness, I actually faced a tough quandary:  I didn’t know what to write about.  I wanted to write about humorous work-related anecdotes, but I worried it would be deemed as unprofessional.  I had just started my first “big girl” job in music education a few months prior to my blog’s debut.   And I really, really, REALLY didn’t want to mess that up…in a time where music programs are getting cut left and right, I knew I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work where I am working.   So, sadly, work-related stories were off the table.

  • Work

My thoughts then turned to my interactions with people I see on a weekly basis.  How on earth could I expect to blog about them when I’m putting my words out on a canvas the entire world is privy to?  What if people are offended?  What if I unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings?  What if someone doesn’t want to be blogged about?  What if I, while attempting to be witty, just succeed in losing the trust of the people I care most about?

Well, crap.  Cross that off the list.

  • Work
  • Friends/acquaintances

And I’m no political writer.  I don’t even update my Facebook status when watching The Daily Show.

  • Work
  • Friends/acquaintances
  • Politics

I’ve never used writing as a means for venting (close friends and Crown Royal Maple are perfectly effective).  And I’ll never confide personal details about my latest toe fungus or share “Oh, Woe is Me” stories.  I have all four limbs and semi-manageable hair.  I have no reason to be sad.  So…

  • Work
  • Friends/acquaintances
  • Politics
  • “I hate the world” tirades
  • Health Problems
  • “Oh, Woe is Me” stories

If you’re playing the home game, that just about leaves me with “Weird Things My Mom Says After Drinking a Gin & Tonic” and weather patterns.  Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure weather patterns trump stories about The Mom.

Hurricanes are only fun when the Penguins are beating them.
Hurricanes are only fun when the Penguins are beating them.

As you can see, I had a lot of time to think about this…a year, to be precise.  I felt bad about straying from my original goal of starting up a new blog, but I was too afraid of upsetting/offending/irking anyone or anything I wrote about.  So, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And  then I waited some more because all that waiting had made me hungry and I needed a Hot Pocket.  And suddenly, after all that waiting, I finally stumbled on an epiphany:

I've just had an apostrophe I think you mean an epiphany

The past few weeks, I’ve been asking myself one question:  why do you want to write?  My answer to this has always been:  to entertain.  But, more recently, I’ve been realizing that I love to write because I love to make people laugh.  I love to look at the world through a comedic lens.  I love to celebrate the good in the world and poke fun at my own foibles.  I’ll never be a political writer.  I’ll never get on a soapbox (unless it’s to debate the best fall beer…and the answer is Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale).  I’ll never analyze stock market trends nor write a historical thesis (and again, unless it’s focusing on the history of the progression of Star Wars musical themes throughout the saga).  I will always want to write for the fun of it, and if done sensitively, with regards to close friends and family, how could that ever be bad?  So, I’ve found my purpose.

I don't need anything but this blog.
I don’t need anything but this blog.

With that being said, I’ll really try my best this time to not let 12 months pass by before another blog post…

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