No One Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Predictions for “No One”


No One Game of Thrones

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No One Game of Thrones

Let’s get down to brass tacks: this has been a pretty epic season of Game of Thrones.  We’ve seen how the White Walkers have been made, we finally figured out what “Hodor” means, and we saw the Lord of Light work his magic on Jon Snow.  With only three episodes left in Season 6, we’re gearing up for a pretty dynamic finale.

Episode 8, entitled “No One,” will drop on Sunday evening and we’ve got some theories on what’s going to take place during those precious 52 minutes of excellent television.

1.) Syria Forel is going to make a comeback.

No One predictions

Remember when Jaqen H’ghar told The Waif to kill Arya, but to not let her suffer?

Remember when The Waif knifed Arya like she was a piece of swiss cheese?  Yes? Good, we’re on the same page.

Jaqen is a man of his word, and if he can put a hit out on Arya, he can certainly hold The Waif to a degree of justice.  In my opinion, this is all still a test for Arya.  In fact, are we even sure Arya was stabbed?

Think about it:  how easy was it for that Old Crone to stab Arya?  A little too easy, if you ask me.  Arya knows she’s a wanted woman.  She knows The House of Black and White isn’t happy with her.  And good lord, a girl knows that faces can be exchanged.  Why did she let her guard down after making a deal with that ship’s captain? A few ideas:

  • As I said, that wasn’t Arya.  Maybe Arya switched faces with someone else.
  • It IS Arya, but Jaqen is still watching her, testing her.
  • It is Arya, and Syrio Forel still has a part to play in all of this.

My money is on Arya’s “dancing” teacher to return.  There’s a lot in the news about his possible return, and selfishly, this is the storyline I’d like to see play out.  Plus:  did we ever see him die?

Helpful Reminder: NO.

2.)The Ladies in Red are going to wipe out the Sons of the Harpy.

The official description of “No One” from HBO reads: “Tyrion’s plans bear fruit.”  This could mean one of two things:

  • The masters in Volantis/Astapor/Yunkai go quietly away, as does slavery (HIGHLY UNLIKELY).
  • The priestesses of the Lord of Light will make good on their pledge.

We’re going to see another High Priestess in Episode 8.  Take a look:

No One predictions

According to reports, she’s speaking to the crowd and Tyrion appears “uneasy.”  Why would he be uneasy?  Are they asking more of Tyrion and Meereen-land than they would like to give? Are they warning for a war to come?

We’ve seen how these women behave before.  They’ll do what they have to do for the cause they believe in.  And they believe in Daenerys…but do Tyrion and Varys align with that plan?

At some point, Daenerys has to get across the sea.  Will the Red Women encourage the citizens of Meereen to attack the cities of Astapor/Yunkai/Volantis?  Or will they encourage everyone to align with the Iron Islands, who just happen to be in Volantis?

No One Game of Thrones

3.)Brienne is going to be SO disappointed with Jaime.

No One predictions

When Jaime and Brienne were together, Jaime was a better person.  His gold hand was even golder!  But now? Jaime is back in the lure of Cersei, and after seeing the promo for next week, he’s definitely fighting for her.  So, here’s where things stand at Riverrun:

  • Jaime is fighting for Cersei.
  • Brienne is so honor bound and GOOD GOD I love her.

These two are about to clash, and it’s going to be heartbreaking.  One of them is not making it out of this season alive, mark my words.  It’s either Jaime or Cersei.  And if you want to go a step further, they will end up fighting each other at the soon-to-come Battle of Riverrun.

4.) There’s going to be a trial by combat…but who will face the Mountain?

No One predictions

I know, I know…everyone’s shipping #CleganeBowl (yes, I am too).  But what if the hyped trial by combat isn’t with The Hound?  What if it’s against Lancel Lannister?

Why keep Uncle Kevan (I still giggle at that name every time I read/hear/type it) around for so long?  Why punch up Lancel’s presence during the past few episodes?

The simple fact is:  we are probably getting a #CleganeBowl: The Mountain vs. The Hound.  We will finally finish what was started in Season 1 between the two brothers, but how are we going to get the Hound back to King’s Landing? How is the Faith aware of Sandor Clegane?

BONUS PREDICTION: Catelyn Stark returns as Lady Stoneheart.

No One predictions

Remember the three riders that strung up The Hound’s new friends? Yes?  Okay.  Remember the one in the yellow cloak?  No?  Here’s a refresher:

No One predictions

This is Lemoncloak (a prominent character in the books) and he’s a part of the Brotherhood without Borders.  Apparently:

“He was one of the men to escort Arya Stark to the cult’s leader, Lord Beric Dondarrion, after having his nose broken by Arya.” (

And, he remains with the Brotherhood after Lady Stoneheart’s takeover.  Wait, Lady who?

Who is Lady Stoneheart? She’s the reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark, having been resurrected by Lord Beric Dondarrion who sacrifices his life for her. Unsurprisingly, Stoneheart isn’t happy, having watched someone murder her son, and is against anyone with any Lannister allegiance. (

Well, I can honestly say:  I did not see THAT one coming.

What are YOUR fan theories?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

No One Game of Thrones