Blogwarming Party


We’re too legit.  Too legit to quit.

See, Here’s the Thing is now hosted through the wonderful folks at BlueHost.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be slowly making the jump from to  A small change, but a necessary one.  And why, you ask?

  • Customization:  A “freemium” blog at was a great place to start, but a self-hosted blog at offers more themes, bells, and whistles.  I can learn and play around with HTML/CSS on this site, and considering that I know .0125% of all there is to know about programming websites, I’m ready for the process to be slow and steady.
  • Legitimacy: Losing the “wordpress” in the middle of my old URL just makes the website sound a little less…well, wordy.    Search engines will ultimately find my site easier.
  • Ads, Ads, Ads: You may have noticed some of the banners decorating the borders of my site.  These are brand new additions to See, Here’s the Thing.  On my old website, I wasn’t allowed to add any of these banners.  Because my blog is self-hosted, I can have a Banner-Palooza now!  More visits means more hits, and more hits means an actual income for yours truly.  If you click on the banners, that also improves my revenue.  If you end up buying a featured product, I may even get a bounty (think like Boba Fett, ’cause that’s way cooler).

You’ll notice a brand-spanking new layout, a nifty slider bar, and clearer categories for posts.  The grooviest new feature of this website is the option of email subscription.  Want to be alerted when a new post drops?  Feel free to sign up for our email blast!

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One thought on “Blogwarming Party

  • so, there’s really a thing? I knew it despite Patrick’s denial of personal insider information. But…I’m stuck in the Seinfeld era and the skeptical me wants to believe there’s really a thing. Think I hang here and wait…..

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