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TGIF: Honest Trailers tackles ‘Deadpool’ with Ryan Reynolds cameo

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Reynolds spoofs his own film in the “Deadpool” Honest Trailer

Author’s Note: If you’re unfamiliar with Deadpool, you need to know that the film features highly irreverent humor, as noted by its R-rating.  This video may not be safe for work, amplified over playgrounds, or played during a sermon at church.

How self-aware can you get? Screen Junkies, the popular movie parody YouTube channel, has struck comic gold with its latest treatment of Marvel Comics Deadpool, starrring Ryan Reynolds.  But, jump back! Reynolds himself also appears in the humorous trailer, paying tribute to Deadpool’s constant interference with the “fourth wall” of acting.

When an actor breaks the “fourth wall,” they directly speak to the audience, thus suspending belief that they are separate entities from the people watching the action. You get a great example of this from the Deadpool clip below:

I’m a huge fan of the movie.  I pre-ordered it on Amazon, if that gives you any indication of my admiration.  It’s not for everyone: if you’re easily offended, you may want to skip this one and opt for Captain America: Civil War or X-Men: Apocalypse.  But, if you are jonesin’ for a super hero film that is unlike all previous super hero films, this may be the flick for you.

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