I Want Magic

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This #tbt post was originally written on January 10, 2011.

Inspirational Memo

I want something magical to happen.

Do you ever find yourself wishing that the impossible wasn’t so impossible?  Do you sit at home, late at night, fantasizing about scenarios so extraordinary that they might have been penned by J.K. Rowling?

Maybe it’s because it’s the end of winter…maybe it’s because I haven’t seen beautiful, lush, green grass for a few months…or maybe it’s because it’s that time of year devoid of Christmas lights or any exciting holidays approaching.  Whatever it is, I need something magical to happen.  Something wonderful…and magnificent…and positively surprising.

I want to put my faith in something inconceivable.  I need some kind of wonderful to waltz into my dance.  I crave adventure—swashbuckling pirates, rideable dragons, magic wands, hidden worlds—something, anything to sweep me off my feet.

I want to be awed.  I want to marvel.  I want to be so caught up in the moment that I forget to breathe.  I want to be moved.

I need a taste of summer during this long, fretful winter.  I need to know that the days will speed by and the familiar breezes of spring will flit through the cherry blossoms once again.  I need to revisit the smell of the wind off the lake, and soak up the aroma after a thunderstorm.  I need to know I’ll find that summer sun once again.


I need to know that there’s a reason for enduring the bitter cold.  I need encouragement to wait out the storm, to see where the last snowflakes fly.  If braving the ice and sleet guarantees a sweet reawakening in the spring, I will gladly bare all blizzards that pass my way…because, when blizzards finish their attack, they always, always leave behind a beautiful, shining scene.


I need to believe in something wonderful.  I want to believe in the impossible.  I trust in a power no one can define.

I hope…


  • I totally feel you on needing some magic to make it through this winter. We can always make our own magic and fly to the keys!!!! Warm..tropical…ocean…the ocean breeze…I can feel it now. That is magic!

  • I like the idea of a bit of magic in our lives. The long, cold, gray winters can get to be a bit much to tolerate, but I suppose their purpose is to help us appreciate spring and summer, warmth and color and the sun so much more than we otherwise might.

    • Winter is a great metaphor for our tough moments in life, too. Most of my post contained double meanings which correspond to my own life. Without the cold of winter, we wouldn’t appreciate the warmth of spring. The buds on the trees wouldn’t bloom without a little R&R in the winter. So, with every challenge comes an inevitable “rebirth” or sorts where we can grow and learn from our experiences…and then finally have a cold beer in the summer, while swinging in a hammock in 80 degree weather!

      Nice to have been making your acquaintance, Terri…I’ve been enjoying your site very much!

  • I wish Twilight was real!
    I mean I really do. Like I teach my kids about Twilight.
    They don’t know their ABC;s but they know everything that happens in Twilight, New Moon, and the Eclipse by heart.
    I am so proud!

    • Your comment made me laugh out loud…I re-read it like 10 times.

      I wish Pirates of the Caribbean was real! I want to wield a sword! I want to defeat the Kraken! I want Johnny Depp to captain my boat! (Is that dirty?!?)

  • Yay, I got the approval! This post kind of came out of nowhere…call it inspiration from being restless!

    Good luck with your college class! That sounds like a really fun challenge!

    I’m totally taken with this blog theme. It’s quirky and fun, and I’m in love 🙂

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