It all comes back to food

Humor, humor

It’s summer.  Finally, Erieites can take a breath of fresh air, ease themselves out of their snow pants, and wait for the waters of Presque Isle to rise to a steamy 68 degrees.

I thought the “Polar Vortex” was a new ride at Waldameer.

As a school teacher, the months of June, July and August usher in a dream-like fantasyland which holds the promise of sleep, lemon shandy, and days devoted to Netflix.  I find myself creating copious to-do lists of tasks normally relegated to mental files of “When I Have Time” or “When I Hit the Lottery.”  I get really excited to try and cross off as many bullet points as I can before the weather changes.  And if you know Erie, you know that can be as early as—-OH FOR THE LOVE OF BOB IT’S SNOWING.

She didn't even have to shovel the driveway.
She didn’t even have to shovel the driveway.

My usual summer checklist consists of things like cultivating a garden, reading more books, and spending more time outside (I have a separate to-do list that consists entirely of food-related items, but that’s another story for another day). I also try to travel as much as I can, even if it’s just to the White Turkey Drive-In for a root beer or over to Findley Lake for some ice cream.  Or even just down to Sara’s for some soft serve, or—dammit, it all comes back to food.  I could wax poetically for weeks about my love for summer food.   But, I digest…

Topping my 2015 summer checklist was two words:  write more.  Back in 2013, I started up this blog with the intention of writing to entertain.  And I successfully did that by only contributing one new blog post.

Even my childhood rebelled against me.
Even my childhood rebelled against me.

I’ve always loved to write, but the funny thing about life is that it always seems to zap just enough time time away from you to pursue interests that get placed on to-do lists.  So, you run out of time and make a new promise to pursue it over Christmas break…spring break….Easter break…next year…after the next ellipsis…

I could see myself falling into a pattern of continual procrastination.  It was never going to be the right time to start up my blog again or write that #1 best-selling novel not at all inspired by/based off/loosely related to Harry Potter.  I would always have something to deter me from writing again, whether or not that was work, projects or my own self-doubt.

So, today, I’m changing my to-do list.  Instead of hoping to write more, I’m going to stop second-guessing.  I’m going to stop being my biggest critic and start finding more reasons to say “yes.”  And this doesn’t apply only to writing, but to anything that the summer can throw at me.  Should we really go downtown tonight? Yes!  Should I really have that 4th beer?  Yes! Should I get the extra chocolate with my milkshake? YES!  Should I perfect my recipe for deep-fried Oreos?  YES, AND HOW!

…and, of course, like the circle of life, it all comes back to food.