Jimmy Fallon & Channing Tatum in “Kid’s Theater”


June 25th saw the return of everyone’s favorite stripper in the appropriately titled “Magic Mike: XXL.”  I, being a person of curiosity and culture, have seen both installments of this magical franchise.  The first film fell surprisingly short in expectations, confusingly leaning on dramatic supports and messages that didn’t need to be said in that kind of film.  Where “Magic Mike” failed in seriousness, “Magic Mike XXL” excels in light-hearted, derpy fun.  (Joe Manganiello steals the show, time and time again).

A few days ago, Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum, visited the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Below is a clip of their segment, which features Tatum and Fallon reading play excerpts drafted by young children.  Their only writing prompt?  Write a short scene inspired by what you think Magic Mike is about.

The duo are able to get through 3 scenes.  My favorite is the first, but they’re all innocently hilarious.