Kit Harington Fallon

Kit Harington told a policeman Jon Snow’s fate

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Find out who Kit Harington blabbed Jon Snow’s fate to!

Look!  Kit Harington gets speeding tickets, just like us!  And he tries to worm his way out of a fine, just like us!  That’s where the comparisons end, however, because we probably don’t have a juicy spoiler that the whole of humanity wants to know to use as leverage.

Jimmy Fallon recently sat down with the very much alive Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in a charming interview about who knew Snow’s fate. It turns out that his parents and girlfriend knew what the Lord Commander was up to, as well as a very lucky policeman who picked up Harington for speeding.

Kit Harington Fallon

To watch more of the Tonight Show episode with Kit Harington, click here.  You’ll find a very entertaining clip of Fallon and Harington playing charades with a very pregnant Rose Byrne and Blake Shelton.