“Lego” My Wallet!


Why are toys so expensive nowadays? For $60, I could either pay my electric bill…or get that shiny new Lara Croft Xbox game…but I can’t play it without electricity…oh, what a Catch 22!

My good friend Jason has a really, really funny blog. Check out his recent article “Lego my wallet!”

“One of my favorites as a child is one of the worst money pits at Toys R Us: Legos.  I loved Legos as a child – aw, c’mon, I love Legos now!  Do you know who hates Legos?  My wallet! Those little boogers are expensive!  You want a set that your kid can snap together in five minutes?  You’ll drop ten to twenty bucks on it.  You want something that is going to take awhile and that they can play with for a significant amount of time after it’s complete?  You’re going to be dropping a cool Benjamin and not getting much change back (in some cases, good ol’ Benji ain’t gonna cut it)!  You want a mega set like the Death Star?  Better sell a kidney!”