Life in 10 Minutes

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Life in 10 Minutes

Huzzah!  One of our articles was published on the creative writing blog Life in 10 Minutes.
Life in 10 Minutes

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Life in 10 Minutes offers writers a succinct challenge:

Share your 10 minutes of writing with me! How? Set a timer. Write for ten minutes, by hand without stopping. Type it up. Does it need an edit? Edit for 10 minutes.

It’s a wonderful writing exercise for those of us who can’t seem to avoid our inner critic. Mine usually says:

“That’s not a good idea.”

“Where are you going to go with this story?”

“This won’t work.”

Valley Haggard (@lifein10minutes) own Life in 10 Minutes and also contributes her own writing.  Some of my favorite articles that she has written include:

I’m thrilled to be featured on her blog.  Plus, look Ma!  I finally get my name in lights (on the sidebar of Featured Authors)!

Life in 10 Minutes

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