Mortal Kombat beers

Get over here! Mortal Kombat beers on the way

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Someone from Sound Brewery is hoping to add “Drunkality” to the Mortal Kombat lineup of finishing moves.

The brewery, along with Warner Bros. and Global Beverage Traders, has developed a line of imperial beers based on Mortal Kombat, a video arcade game that debuted in the early 90’s.

Mortal Kombat is not the only video game to get its own beer.  Both Call of Duty and Fallout also have brews based on their gameplay.

There are only three beers available at this time, but they all sound….toasty?

Mortal Kombat beer


  • Refreshingly cooling on a warm day, an Imperial India Pale Ale that’s not all about the hops or the malt but is a whole lot of both fighting it out for your palate’s supremacy. Drink icy for more of the hops or warmer for more malt. 8.5%


  • This amped up Imperial Saison has a blast of hops and CO2 that will hit your tongue with a bang. The aroma jumps out of the glass with its earthly and herbal notes not far behind. 8%


  • A unique blend for great Imperial Stout brings both fire and ice into your glass. The fiery southwest chilies and cooling Madagascar Vanilla Bean pair nicely with the exotic notes produced by our own yeast strain. 8% (Gamespot)

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