Cinema News: First look at Elliot in Disney reboot of “Pete’s Dragon”

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First look at ‘Pete’s Dragon
Pete's Dragon

There’s a kinder, gentler, furrier Elliot in the woods.

After a brief glimpse of the titular dragon from the trailer of the August bound remake of Pete’s Dragon, Entertainment Weekly has treated us to a beautiful photo of the gentle giant and his companion, Pete (a wonderfully named Oakes Fegley).

Not much is known about the film, save for its other two stars, Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford.  There was a rumor that Andy Serkis is going to voice Elliot the dragon, but it has yet to be confirmed.  IMDB, Wikipedia, and other film sources are silent on the dragon’s casting, so we will have to be content with this new still and the movie’s trailer until it is released in August.

For more on Pete’s Dragon, fly over to the official site.