RAC Suggestions

Have an idea for an RAC?  Let me know!  I’m open to any and all suggestions, excluding dismemberment, picking someone’s nose, and watching Jersey Shore.  Post your ideas below…the most interesting or thoughtful will be posted on this page.  Happy Holidays!



    • Ahhh! Eggnog lattes for everyone! E.T., (can I call you E.T.?) you’re going to get a special nod tomorrow in my post for performing an RAC! I think you’re the first to actually comment about one you’ve done yourself. That’s a wonderful gesture. You can mail me my White Chocolate mocha later 🙂

  • I have a suggestion. Every month our church does a meal for those who can’t afford a good meal. Volunteering for this meal is very rewarding and makes you realize what you have. I think you would really enjoy serving a meal to the homeless and it is outside most people’s comfort zone. I challenge all of your followers to take some time this season and volunteer one day at a mission. You will not be sorry!

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