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Do you know how happy food makes me?  Food makes me happier than a teenager seeing Beyoncé for the first time in concert.

Pasta, everytime.

So, it is with great happiness that I present a stellar review of 28 North Gastropub, nestled on North Park Row in Perry Square.

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Formerly home to the Boardwalk.


PLEASE don’t let this Google Street View photo fool you: behind the two sets of doors awaits a warm, welcoming interior, complete with high-top pub tables, a gorgeous bar, and cozy lighting.

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If you’re a fan of 10th Street gem Jekyll & Hyde’s, you’re probably going to fall in love with this place, too.  I knew as soon as I walked in that this was going to become a new watering hole for me and my crew.

28 North bills itself as a “gastropub,” which is a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food. Add wine to that list, plus a bevy of specialty cocktails, and this is what you can expect to find at 28 North.

I visited 28 North on Monday, a day where most restaurants close up shop to prepare for the week.  I’m grateful to find a place close by (also love me some 3B’s) nearly three minutes from my house.

We were greeted at the door and ushered over to a high-top table near the window, which gave us a great view of the entire restaurant.  Our waitress presented us with a carafe of water and two drinking glasses, which instantly cleared the way for a different dining experience (seriously, it was a nice carafe).

Luckily, we were on hand for Happy Hour (serving from 5-7 PM), and you can take a look at some of the specials below:


I opted for a New Belgium Scottish Ale, while my guy ordered a tradition Moscow Mule…both of these drinks were reduced from the happy hour.  There were also at least 6 wines displayed on a chalkboard above the bar…something I was very happy to see.  A lot of these gastropubs forget that it doesn’t have to be all beer, all the time.  I’m an equal opportunity drinker.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.02.01 PM

We began to pour over the menu, which quickly alerted me to the fact that I was going to have difficulty picking an entree.  EVERY section of the menu had something I would have ordered.


Sweet potato hash!  Personal pizzas!  Cuban sandwiches!  Seriously, how was I to pick?  My guy had no problem whatsoever making his decision.  This is an older menu of what we were offered, but the minute his eyes scanned “POUTINE” on the menu, he was done.  Game, set, and match.

If you’re not familiar with poutine, it is a Canadian dish made with a base of french fries and cheese curds, blanketed with rich, thick gravy.  The crazy thing about poutine (or, at least the one in front of Patrick) is that it mysteriously vanishes as soon as it is set in front of you!  I miraculously got one small bite in from his generous portion, but at soon as I set my fork down, the rest of the poutine was gone!  Patrick was as baffled as I was.

As I narrowed my meal choice down to a Gouda burger or chicken & waffles, I found myself swayed by the offer of “Bacon Slaw” atop the waffle platter.  Done and done.  Bring on the slaw.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.01.45 PM
Chicken & Waffles

My chicken was fried so well that I’m told Colonel Sanders wept a single tear. It literally could have been a dish on its own, but it was luckily accompanied with a cheddar waffle, the aforementioned bacon slaw, and bourbon maple syrup.  It was a perfect pairing of sweet and salty, enough for my lunch the next day.

My only gripe (and it’s a small one) was that I don’t think it needed to be $17.  There were no sides or salads served with it, which I think should accompany a dinner entree of its cost.  Patrick’s bourbon duck poutine was priced at $12.

I can’t say how pleased we were with 28 North.  Even now, 5 days later, we are still commenting on what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be.  Plus, they feature some enticing desserts, or so my eyes led me to believe. As we were about to leave, two slices of a marbled cheesecake appeared on plates going to another table, and it took all my willpower not to tackle the waitress.

Don’t let the outside exterior fool you:  we’ve got a new gem on North Park Row.

Bonus: there are plans to renovate the old dance club in the back of the restaurant.  According to our waitress, it is going to be a “lounge geared for an older crowd.”  I’m excited to revisit this establishment when it opens, but let’s be honest:  I’m definitely going back many times before then.

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