S6E5 The Door

86 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Game of Thrones’ Ep. 5, “The Door”


Being sick at home with no viewing party to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ with is rather dull, so here are my thoughts on the 5th episode, “The Door.”

S6E5 The Door

This post contains massive spoilers for the ‘Game of Thrones’ episode “The Door.” Do not read any further if you do not want major plot points revealed.

  1. Damn, last week’s episode was so good.
  2. This is really weird watching it alone.  Will I still react out loud?
  3. Sansa can sew?
  4. What seal is that?
  5. Moles Town?S6E5 The Door
  6. Don’t pull any shit, Littlefinger.  Brienne is packing.
  7. Oh, he’s is going to pay.
  8. Sansa right now is like Eliza Doolittle after Professor Higgins is finished with her.  I LIKE her like this!
  9. Shit is about to get real.
  10. If Littlefinger actually starts to list what Ramsay did to Sansa, this may be awkwardly funny.
  11. Brienne is my favorite.  Spirit animal, hands down.S6E5 The Door
  12. Littlefinger better call 1-800-FLOWERS, ’cause damn, he is not getting out of this one.
  14. Oh, THAT’S the seal…..it’s his seal…what is that? A fancy tie? A fancy tie on a cross?
  15. So many Brans/Brons/Brendans in this series.
  16. Oh, damn, Arya can see now and The Waif is still kicking her butt.
  17. Arya totally just did the Power Ranger move I tried to do on trampolines all of my childho–what am I talking about, I STILL try to do that move.S6E5 The Door
  18. I think The Waif is just angry that he hair isn’t growing out faster.
  19. This whole House of Black and White still confuses the hell out of me.
  20. An actress?!? Is this going to be a MUSICAL EPISODE?!?
  21. If they’re going to sing, I want to see a kickline with Brienne in it.
  22. Oh, it’s the ballad of Robert Baratheon!
  23. Ha ha, Joffrey has an awkward pixie cut.
  24. This play better get a web series.  I would totally watch it.
  25. The wooden cut-out of the Iron Throne needs to be in my office.
  26. Annnnnnd there are the boobs.
  27. Annnnnnd there’s a penis.
  28. Yep, this is theatre.
  29. Oh, Arya is totally not ready to be No One.
  30. Oh, the red-leafed tree!
  31. Is that Stonehenge?
  32. The children of Pan’s Labyrinth have returned.
  33. FINISH HIM!S6E5 The Door
  34. Damn, the future king of the White Walkers was smokin’.
  35. Oh, so THAT’S how you make a White Walker.  I think I let mine cook in the oven too long.
  36. Kingsmoot. Giggle.
  37. Apparently, the Iron Islands don’t believe in color palettes.
  38. Theon needs a public speaking class, stat.
  39. See, sometimes all you need is a smart haircut, a shower, and a soaring underscore to make you look and feel better.
  40. Does this sudden bravado in Theon make anyone else wonder what happened between episodes 4 and 5?  Did he go to counseling?
  41. Uh oh, the Drowned God is back
  42. Okay, the Greyjoy banner looks a bit like a set of ovaries.S6E5 The Door
  43. This debate between Euron and Yara is probably how the Trump/Clinton debates are gonna go down.
  44. Did the NBC failed music-com Gallivant buy ad space in this scene?
  45. I wonder if Yara said that she could marry Daenerys if it would make any difference.
  46. This is one extreme baptism.
  47. And now, for your efforts, here is a crown of twigs.
  48. Greyjoys, this whole sibling/uncle rivalry thing is SO 3rd season.
  49. The cure is a pot of Eucerin.S6E5 The Door
  50. I still ship Jorah and Dany, to the very end.
  51. Oh, Jorah just signed his death warrant with that gorgeous affirmation.
  52. And I command myself to dissolve into a puddle on a couch.
  54. Gosh, her hair looks better than ever.  Where do you find Pantene in Vaes Dothrak?
  55. Ha ha, even Tyrion knows that Daenerys’ Box of Names is kinda pretentious.
  56. Oh look, it’s Melisandre Jr!S6E5 The Door
  57. So, if Melisandre takes off her necklace and she’s like 120, this girl has gotta be around 70-80.
  58. Oh, she’s knows ALL and it’s making them look so awkward.
  59. Tell us what the voice said.
  60. Tell us the name.
  61. Okay, Melisandre Jr. is now my new spirit animal.
  62. Does QVC sell those necklaces?S6E5 The Door
  63. Oh, this is going to go south so fast, Bran.
  64. Oh, look!  We’re back in Erie, land of 1000 Snows.
  65. They should make the King of the White Walkers the Most Interesting Man Alive now that the other one retired.  I bet he drinks tequila.
  66. I love how blunt the Three-Eyed Raven just was.  “Are you ready?” “HELL NO!”
  67. Gosh, Sir Davos is such a gentleman, with his “Yes, my lady,” or “No, my lady.”
  68. Well, one would be brooding if one kind of, you know, died.
  69. HAHA, Brienne totally read what the fans were saying and mentioned the eyes Tormund was giving her.S6E5 The Door
  70. Sansa is the new Martha Stewart of the Wall.
  71. Please give Edd a storyline.
  72. Edd:  “I’m not the Lord Comman–LMAO JK, shut the door.”
  73. Oh shit, company’s here, and we are out of beer.  This is what Meera’s is saying with her eyes.S6E5 The Door
  75. Oh crap, flame balls!
  76. Can we please get the dire wolves a union rep?!?
  77. Oh, this is not good.
  78. Apparently, when you kill a Worg mid-flashback, they die like Voldemort?S6E5 The Door
  79. There’s a door.
  81. I can’t.
  82. I can’t even.
  83. I have so many questions.
  84. Did the Raven tell Hodor originally to “hold the door”?  Or did this show just get as trippy as Lost?
  85. I need a moment.  I need time to process.  I need Wikipedia.
  86. Kingsmoot.  Still giggling.S6E5 The Door

What did YOU think of Episode 5, “The Door”?  Are you still in recovery mode from that last scene? What’s going to happen next week on Game of Thrones? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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