Second Trailer for Marvel’s Captain America – Civil War features former “Billy Elliot” star

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It’s been a week of new trailers, and Marvel wasn’t about to celebrate TGIF without releasing one of their own.

The Disney Blog discusses the new trailer and keeps us up to date on which iconic heroes make an appearance.  The usual suspects are present: Cap, Iron Man, Bucky, Black Widow.  But, we also get a glimpse of some newer characters: Black Panther, The Vision, Ant Man, and even Spiderman, looking very retro with animated eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.30.20 AM
McGuire? Or Garfield?

Marvel saves this amusing clip for the end of the trailer, and for good reason:  we haven’t seen Spiderman in any of the CA: CW clips to this point.  Admittedly, I had to Google who is playing the webslinger this time around.  It appears that 19-year-old Tom Holland is donning the red and blue spandex (which is not quite a stretch for the young actor…he played Billy Elliot in the London version of “Billy Elliot: The Musical”).

See, kids.  You CAN dance/do theatre and be a super hero at the same time.

Are you excited for Civil War’s new trailer?  Who’s side are you rooting for?  Iron Man’s?  Captain America’s?  Billy Elliot’s?

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