‘See, Here’s the Podcast’ Episode 12: David Mitchell of All An Act Theatre

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Episode 12 features theatre veteran David Mitchell, Rogue 1 reshoots, and some pretty epic rounds of Kill/Shag/Marry.

All An Act artistic director David Mitchell joins us for a humorous episode of See, Here’s the Podcast.  Plenty of news bites are discussed, including American Psycho’s closing notice, Game of Thrones updates, Frozen: Live!, and the new X-Men movie.

Kate points out a generational gap, which prompts Patrick to create a new theme song for “Newsies.” She also gets called a nerd a lot, but David also proves his Nerd IQ later in the episode.

They also talk about the teaser trailer for Beauty and the Beast, the newest Star Trek trailer, and the presence of Hollywood celebrities in movie musicals.   Improv game abound, with the return of Kill/Shag/Marry. Everyone agrees: shag Princess Leia, marry Rey, and kill Padme (Jar Jar wasn’t an option).

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