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‘See, Here’s the Podcast’ Episode 16: Shop Talk with Jessica Flock & Alaina Manchester

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Stop the presses! (We don’t have any, so please stop yours). See, Here’s the Podcast is thrilled to team up with Dramashop in a new, exciting collaboration called Shop Talk.

Once every crescent moon, we’ll be sitting down with Dramashop’s artistic director Zach Flock and some special guests to discuss acting, direction, performance, and the Erie theatre scene.

During our first outing, we’re mad about Shakespeare.  Jessica Flock and Alaina Manchester, fresh off from their directorial duties on Shakespeare Summer Nights, tell us what it’s like to revise and produce Hamlet and Fortinbras for an outdoor audience.

How do you trim down a 4 hour tragedy? Where does the directing process start? How do you deal with stage combat? And most importantly, what happens when your performance space is in the middle of a Pokemon GO sanctuary?

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