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‘See, Here’s the Podcast’ Episode 18: “Ghostbusters” Review

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Is Ghostbusters the most hyped release of the year?  Whether you’re in Camp Original or Camp Girl Power, the pull of this film is akin to a ghost trap thrown by Peter Venkman.

Patrick and I saw the film on Thursday, amidst a hearty crowd of 22 people.  The movie theatre employees had NO idea that the movie was evening opening…what does THAT tell you about the film’s release?

Despite the “ghost town” in the lobby, the film found several fun moments amidst comedy that just didn’t land.  The four leads were competent…but capable of being funnier.  Was it a fault of the performances?  The script?  The direction?  The world may never know.

PLUS: dive into some highlights from the new Ghostbusters soundtrack, featuring Fall Out Boy, Missy Elliot, Walk the Moon, and Pentatonix.


DRINKING SCALE: 4 Bourbons for Patrick/4 Glasses of Wine for Kate

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