About the Show

See, Here’s the Thing is the “expansion pack” to your life you never knew you needed.  Hosted by Kate Amatuzzo (Owner, See, Here’s the Thing) and Patrick Thiem (Owner, a ceramic golf hat he made in the 8th grade), the show highlights important pop culture news bites of the week, diving into film, TV, theatre, music and more.

see here's the podcastThe duo reviews movies, sings songs, geeks out over the latest video games, and finds the humor in every situation.  Their comedy background surfaces in their weekly improv games, and their nerd factor surfaces in just about everything else.

see here's the podcastThe pair have welcomed a wide variety of guests to the program, including episodes with podcasters from Jock and Nerd, Varmints!, Say Something, Swole, Onder Radio, The Busy Creator, and many more.  

They have been featured in the #2PodsADay independent campaign, and guests on a slew of other shows, including Trivia Geeks, 10 Minute Love Story, and Jock and Nerd

They were also featured in the Erie Times News’ article, “Erie podcasters talk, listeners tune in,” and on the Erie Philharmonic’s blog.

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