All about Kate…

Kate is the owner of See, Here’s the Thing and the co-host of See, Here’s the Podcast.  Her love of writing propelled her to create a blog where people could discuss their pop culture passions.  The supplemental podcast grew out of her love for movies, theatre, TV, and music.

Kate is a middle school music teacher.  She received an undergraduate and graduate degree in vocal performance and loves performing at her local community theatre.  Kate also plays the piano, oboe and percussion.  She has conducted and played in several pit orchestras and served as vocal coach for community productions.  

ios9-mail-app-icon-left-wrapIn her spare time, Kate enjoys running, biking, and traveling.  The bulk of her writing features around her mother (who hates being featured on the Internet), and her dog Bailey (who hates moving from that sunny spot on the carpet).  

She engaged to her co-host, Patrick.