‘See, Here’s the Podcast’ Episode 13: Greg Hardner of Grisé Audio

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Featuring special guest Greg Hardner of Grisé Audio

Krankz Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesWE’VE GOT NEW CANS! And new microphones! But Patrick can’t seem to get his mind off the cans…

Special guest Greg Hardner gets to play Santa in this episode, loaning us some awesome new sound equipment from our new sponsor, Grisé Audio/Visual.  We name drop like crazy, realizing that Greg’s mom has met far more celebrities than we all have.  We also get to play some entertaining improv games, including Fortunately/Unfortunately and Common Ground.

We debut a new feature called “What’s That?”  In the activity, we ask Patrick and Greg if they recognize pop culture identities and names (spoiler alert:  THEY DON’T). They apparently have never heard of Daleks, John Boyega, Candace Payne, or Maisie Williams, but they certainly have some entertaining ideas.

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see here's the podcast episode 13

see here's the podcast episode 13

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