Star Wars: According to Mom & Dad

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Over the Christmas holiday, I took both of my parents to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I, as a good follower of The Force, have been well-versed in the ways of the Jedi and have seen all six prior films (even though we really don’t wanna talk about Episodes 1-3).  My parents, however, have seen 2-3 films at best.  They never even touched the prequel trilogy, which is probably best for their own sanity.  However, it did create a LOT of unanswered questions for them…which end up being questions directly at me.

But, I am rubber, you are glue, so I bounced those questions right back at ’em, and below is documentation of that exchange.

SPOILER ALERT:  My dad spills food down the front of his shirt.

NON-SPOILER ALERT:  We discussed parts of The Force Awakens in detail, but these clips were not included in the video below.