Star Fox Zero releases new trailer before April debut

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Message from General Pepper:  Priority One.

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Head’s up for some serious nostalgia. I’m halfway to the basement as I’m typing this, frantic to retrieve my dusty Nintendo 64 and breakout the controls to Star Fox 64.

Nintendo is about to release Star Fox Zero for the Wii U on April 22nd, and the gaming universe’s collective heart is suddenly doing barrel rolls and loop de loops.  Just when I thought I had turned a blind eye to the Wii U. Curse you, childhood memories.

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Fox McCloud has certainly lived a million lifetimes on the Nintendo platform, starting from humble beginnings on the Super Nintendo.  The most popular version, Star Fox 64, was available for the now defunct N64 (RIP Goldeneye). Gamecube and Nintendo DS also gave us the controls to maneuver Fox and friends, and now users of the Wii U will usher our favorite furry fighter pilots into the hands of a new generation.

For more information on Star Fox Zero, head over to Nintendo.