‘Tetris’ is getting a movie

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Tetris is getting a movie – with an $80 million dollar budget

Tetris movie

Threshold Entertainment’s film adaptation of Nintendo’s Tetris is full-steam ahead, and it’s apparently going to be part of a trilogy.

Larry Kasanoff, producer of such films as “True Lies” and “Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers,” has teamed up with Chinese producer Bruno Wu to create a joint venture called Threshold Global Studios to develop and finance the film.—CNBC

How on earth are they going to make three Tetris films?  I get fed up with the game after about 9 minutes.  The movie will be shot in China and will feature a Chinese cast…or so we thought:

China and the United States are said to be co-producing the $80 million project under Kasanoff and Bruno Wu’s new company Threshold Global Studios. Filming is expected to begin next year.—IGN

Tetris movie

It seems that video games are serving as significant source material for new movie scripts.  Last week, we took a look at a few news articles dealing with the Assassin’s Creed film, along with the world premiere trailer.  Coming up in June, we’ll see the cinematic version of Warcraft.  Playstation’s Ratchet & Clank recently opened on April 29th, but the reviews have not been good.  Can Tetris clear the tiles and get a higher score?

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