Top 5 Star Wars Parody Twitter Accounts

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The Force Awakens was released on DVD/Blu Ray this week, but the gifts from Santa didn’t stop there.  A new trailer for Rogue 1, a Star Wars spinoff film, also dropped online, reminding fans everywhere that Disney is offering up an appetizer to Episode VIII before it premieres in 2017.

If you’re having severe anxiety over the wait for Rogue 1 and Episode VIII, fear not, young Padawan.  Twitter has bequeathed humanity with several Star Wars parody accounts, and they are as entertaining as an Ewok on a speeder.


1.) Emo Kylo Ren

This was the first parody account I encountered shortly after seeing The Force Awakens (for the first time, just to clarify). The world gets to peek into the angsty, shade-filled filled diary of Kylo Ren.  Just like any teen, he hates his parents, desires world domination, and has an obsession with Darth Vader.

A few more of my favorites:

2.) Bad Father Han

The response to Emo Kylo Ren is here, and he’s as crabby as Harrison Ford on a plane full of terrorists.

This account shares a lot of Star Wars merchandise, but the repartee between Bad Father Han and Emo Kylo Ren is pretty spectacular.

3.) Very Lonely Luke

Poor Luke. He has to *SPOILER ALERT* spend all of The Force Awakens playing I Spy with just himself.  And I’m sure that can get a little old on a mountain surrounded by a vast body of water.

He also has some interactions between other members of the Star Wars Twitter Empire: - New Pop Culture Designs Every 24 Hours! T-Shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, and now Toys + More!

4.) Sassy BB-8

For an account consisting mostly of “beeps” and “boops,” it has amassed 471 followers…and that’s more than I have.  My vocabulary is much larger.  What gives?

5.) Glum George Lucas

Poor George.  He sells his company AND doesn’t get to direct The Force Awakens.  What’s a billionaire to do?

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