#ReverseYourRoutine with Influenster & TRESemmé

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TRESemmé Reverse

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  We all know the order.  Day in, day out, we execute our morning routines like clockwork with little variation and little change.  Alarm, snooze, alarm.  Mug, coffee, thermos.  Sleep, work, play.

It’s dangerous to vary with a reliable routine…but what if that’s exactly what your routine needs to get an added spark?

I recently decided to liven up my hair care routine in the mornings with TRESemmé’s Reverse Wash system, provided to me at no charge from the good people at Influenster.  The concept behind their #ReverseYourRoutine campaign is simple:  switch the order of your shampoo and conditioner for fuller, bouncier hair.

TRESemmé Reverse

I’ll admit, I came into this campaign a skeptic.  As someone with naturally curly/wavy hair, I put a lot of stock into good conditioner (my favorite being Aussie 3-Minute Miracle).  This stock is doubled when you take into account that I have long hair (going to my mid-back).  I value my conditioner for a few reasons:

  1. It tames the frizz.
  2. It keeps my hair from getting poofy.
  3. It makes after-shower brushing MUCH easier.

I had already predicted that I would not be a happy camper after conditioning my hair and THEN shampooing it.  I foresaw tangles, snarls, and knots.  I foresaw me screaming at the bottle of TRESemmé in my hand.  I foresaw shampoo angrily splattered across the bathroom floor.

Oh, I was incredibly wrong.

TRESemmé Reverse

First, I took a dollop of TRESemmé’s Reverse Conditioner and spread it through my hair.  At first, it felt like it wasn’t spreading very well, and I started to mentally write off the product.  I left it in for one minute and rinsed it out of my hair.

Do you know that feeling, after a thorough conditioning, when you slick your hand across the top of your head and KNOW that the conditioner was going to leave you tangle-free?  That’s the exact same feeling I had after rinsing out this product.  I was stunned.  Had I left the shower then, I probably would have had a tangle-free brushing.

However, I was only half-way done.  I still had to shampoo.

TRESemmé Reverse

I took a moderate-sized amount of the product and really worked it into my hair.  I wanted to be sure that I used their shampoo just like I would use mine.  If I was going to be sold on the system, I would have to leave the shower without a headful of knots and snarls.

TRESemmé ReverseThe shampoo washed out just like any other shampoo, and I got out of the shower, ready for the Brush Test.  On some mornings, this is a cross-your-heart-hope-the-conditioner-worked routine.  If I ever forget to condition, I know I’m in for a world full of pain.  This is what I was expecting, after a secondary shampooing.  I was wrong.

Not only did I not have any additional tangles, I truly felt like brushing the knots out of my hair was easier.  Blasphemy, right?  Hear me, friends, for I shall not lead you from the Brushéd Path.  Hair combing was actually easier using the Reverse System.

Okay, so TRESemmé’s system passed Test 1.  But, how would my hair look after I styled it?

TRESemmé Reverse
The normal routine. Upside down, right side up…repeat.

Harken back to my first paragraph:  I am a girl with naturally curly/wavy hair, so going 100% “straight” does not really work for me. It may start off nice in the pre-dawn hours, but come 9 AM, my hair has blossomed into a Tress Triangle.  And that’s without summertime humidity.  So, what did my hair look like 6 hours after I dried it?

TRESemmé Reverse

I have to say:  my hair did not only have more volume, it also had more shine and less frizziness.  I usually can only stand to wear straight hair down for about 3 hours before I get sick of it.  I went the almost the whole day without pulling it up into a ponytail.

VerdictI am a BIG fan of this system…so much so that I would absolutely consider buying some of their supplementary products:

  • Hair Maximizer
  • Touchable Bounce Mousse
  • Flexible Finish Hairspray

Remember, I was given these products for free, so it would be easy to try them and forget them.  But, as any girl with unruly hair can understand, I want people to know that these products work.  I don’t want you to waste your money.  This gives me great hope for my hair when I let it dry naturally.  I usually weight my curly hair down with product after product after product, so my waves end up looking like Cocker Spaniel ears.

So, here’s the thing…

I’m sold on the TRESemmé Reverse Wash system.  If Influenster had sent me more of the product line, I would absolutely review them.  I also will be making a shopping trip today to look for their supplementary products.  The best part?  The price.  The average price for a Reverse Wash product is about $8 on Amazon.  

If you want to liven up your morning routine and add volume, shine and bounce back into your hair, I wholeheartedly recommend TRESemmé‘s Reverse Wash system.  It detangles, it strengthens, and it make just make living with summer-time humidity a whole lot easier.

To watch my V-Log Review of this product, please visit my YouTube channel.