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‘Under My Tree’ published on “Life in 10”

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Great news, everyone!  I’m excited to announce that one of my recent articles, “Under My Tree,” was published on the writing website Life in 10.  This is my second article to be featured on their website.

Valley Haggard, the owner and moderator of the blog, prompts you to write with a simple suggestion: write down anything for 10 minutes.  Then, edit for 10 more minutes.  Then, publish!  It’s a small piece of advice that really gets you out of your own head when you’re facing writer’s block.

Later this summer, she’ll be compiling an anthology of selected guest works from her website and publishing them into an anthology.  I hope to submit three article of my own for consideration.

Want to help me out? Hop over to Life In 10 and leave a comment under my article. I promise, I’ll text you back.

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