We’re back!


After a brief hiatus, we have returned.  Like Luke in Jedi, we’re back and better than ever (and also look stunning wearing a black cloak).

Why the disappearance? No, there was no block of carbonite to rescue in the Dune Sea of Tatooine.  I’d like to attribute our absence to something as courageous, but it’s really something simple: life caught up to us.

1.) I got engaged.

Kind of self-explanatory, really.  He promised to bring me home Little Caesar’s pizza whenever I want it, so I said yes.


2.) We went to Italy.

Pizza. Pasta. Wine.  Repeat.

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3.) Family Matters

In and out of the hospital with my dad.  Everything’s okay, and we definitely had fun with the medical board:


4.) We hit the “What did we do yesterday?” part of summer.

There is always a 2-3 week period in July where every day seems like the next.  Waking up and putting pants on before 9 AM is always a highlight.

5.) We got caught up with Pokémon GO.

It’s fun, people.  Let a game BE A GAME.

IMG_2392 IMG_2391

Now, we’re back! Articles won’t be happening as frequently as they were in June, but we’re hoping to turn out better content by spending more time on our ideas…even if they happen to include Cooler Ranch Doritos on top of sandwiches (still one of my best inventions).

In the meantime, check out our podcast page for some of our latest episodes on Lights Out, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Star Trek: Beyond.